Sunday, June 13, 2010

Being the Change in Italy

What a wonderful, inspiring, crazy rollercoaster of a week!

I just got back from the sunny, beautiful weather that welcomed us in Tuscany, Italy to the cold and windy winter month of June in Wellington making it very easy to want to remember the warmth of not only the weather but the people I met at the Be The Change Conference. Participants from all over the world (6 continents!) came together to share their ideas, goals and overall enthusiasm to make a difference. From a retired Canadian transportation executive to a 20 year old Australian taking a year to see the world trying to do it in a meaningful way, each individiual provided a unique perspective to benefit the group and provide insight and inspiration on how it is possible to come from all walks of life and bring about change.

Kimberly Jones, an incredibly inspiring BTC participant said it best;

"Global Volunteer Network’s (GVN) founder Colin Salisbury leads a program called Be The Change. I recently attended this program in Tuscany, Italy. For me Be The Change provided inspiration and focus, that I don’t think I could have discovered elsewhere.

17 people representing 13 different countries shared their desires to be catalyst of social change. Colin, Courtney and Nadine, leaders in the field of social change, led seminars and mentored participants during the week long course. They help us mold our thoughts, dreams and much confusion into a defined plan that we could put into action. My experience was phenomenal. Meeting like minded individuals and finding incredible mentors has inspired me to create this blog, invest in French language immersion and pursue social change with NGOs on the ground working toward solutions in areas I believe in. But most importantly I returned home with a sense of possibility; I can make a difference on a global scale…one person at a time. Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi"

(Pictured: Kimberly Jones, BTC-Italy Participant)

Partly inspired by the conference as well as her genuinely evident love for life and people, Kimberly has started writing about her experiences and goals in her own blog, Take a minute to keep up with her-we sure are!

Caitie Goddard
GVN Foundation